carbon dating and the bible

Radioactive dating no problem for the Bible by Tas Walker Photo iStockphoto What about radioactive dating? Doesn't that prove the world is. The dating of rocks by the radioactive decay of certain minerals is undoubtedly the main argument today for the dogma of an old earth. But the Bible clearly. Any scientist with an open mind would tell you that if these assumptions were shifted towards a Biblical view, the carbon dating process would.

Carbon dating and the bible - remarkable, rather

By counting lake varves, one has a cross-check for carbon dating similar to tree rings. Have carbon C14 dates millions of years old been proven wrong? Of course, they could all be wrong, but if enough independent studies agree with each other, then being wrong becomes a more remote possibility. It also shows the importance of using scientific and historical data as secondary authorities in interpreting the Bible. To sum up these assumptions, if you know the initial conditions, the final conditions, and everything in between, you will get the right answer. Finally American researchers did this with bristlecone pine trees in Arizona.

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