dating a compulsive liar

Even if you are casually dating this person and far from being in a serious Here are a few tips on dating a compulsive liar and keep your cool at the same time. Stories about confronting a compulsive liar in a romantic relationship. I was dating someone for almost a year until I finally wised up and broke up with them. Luckily, there some hints you might be dating a pathological liar and noticing them as soon as possible will only save yourself from heartbreak.

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Dating a compulsive liar - logically

Even during the rare instances when you catch them doing something they cannot talk themselves out of, they will find a way to place the blame on you. The only problem is — you continually give them the benefit of the doubt, so you just end up really confused. There is no way to wrench the truth out of them. And since mutual trust is one of the basic requirements of a fulfilling relationship, dating a compulsive liar is sure to involve a lot of stress. Even if your situation is not so threatening, in the long run compulsive lying needs to be treated if you want to have a trusting and transparent relationship with your partner. They will block you from social media so they can talk to anyone they want behind your back. dating a compulsive liar Ask those who were around when something you were told occurred what really happened and point it out. The best way to confront this type of person is to let them know that you are aware that what was said is "not accurate", or "is not right", or is "not valid" -- but don't act as if you are sitting in judgment over them dating a compulsive liar don't try to disprove, dating a compulsive liar. Compulsive lying can worsen to the level of a dysfunctional personality and it is not unknown for such people to have harmful addictions. They will be able to shift and twist every scenario to make it seem like they are completely innocent. For instance if your date praises your hairdo when you know it is far from perfect, it is a white lie indulged in order to make you happy or gloss over an unpalatable truth. Get rid of the motivation to lie However if you are really serious about your date and want to give the relationship a decent chance, then you will need immense amount of patience to deal with a partner who is a compulsive liar.

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