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I'm secretly dating a guy behind my mom's back Could your guy come over and watch a movie while your parents hang in another room?. We went through summer trying to be just friends, but I loved him and he loved me so I decided to just date him. Of course my parents don't know this but I feel. because dating is normal and everyone else in the brown community does it. I was rebelling against my parents by hiding this relationship. . but when things started going downhill, it felt like there was no turning back.

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Don't make too many stupid decisions, don't date jerks, don't drink too much booze or take any drugs, don't have friends who drink heavily or take drugs, listen to your Mom and Dad, read the Bible the Gospel of John is a good place to start , and then everything will turn out fine. She would go ballistic if she found out I've been physical with guys. If they still refuse, then you'll need to respect their decision. I met a guy I liked online and have been dating him for a month now however I can't tell my parents because 1 the guy is not Muslim or Iranian and my mum is adamant that I date and marry an Iranian guy 2 what he studied at uni would not be something my mum would call equal or above what I'm studying 3 my mum says I should tell her if I'm dating someone but in her mind dating someone is me finding an Iranian guy, going to coffee shops with him now and then and that's that. Will your path look different from the girls around you? Have your parents asked you to wait when it comes to dating? Jessie Minassian 36 Comments Print Q: Even though I was dating an Asian girl, firstly my parents didn't agree, dating behind parents back, but I showed them its dating behind parents back as bad as they think it is You might be surprised by how many parents—particularly Christian parents—are giving their daughters stricter relationship boundaries. You can disobey your parents and date behind their backs. My advice is to stick to the first option, as hard as that might sound. The desire to date is completely normal. What can you do to actively honor them in this season? dating behind parents back

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