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The short answer is this: nothing. Dating is a modern practice that was not a part of the cultural fabric of Jesus' day—or King David's, or the Apostle Paul's. Though the bible doesn't talk directly about dating, it does speak volumes about relationships, godly interactions, and principles that can be. Read Bible verses about dating and God's purpose for finding your husband or wife. The Holy Bible offers many scriptures that offer guidance.

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Open your life including your dating life to those in your community whom you love and trust. A woman respects a man she dates in much the same way: The Bible tells us that, as Christians, we should not marry an unbeliever 2 Corinthians 6: What relief for those who have confessed their sins and God has cleared their record. Do you love me enough to want to help me? It's in the Bible, II Thessalonians 3: There was a time when I wouldn't admit what a sinner I was.

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Biblical Romance: Dating Treat your dating partners with respect. For day and night your hand was heavy upon me; my strength was dried up as by the heat of summer. Against you, dating in the bible, you only, have I sinned and done what is evil in your sight, so that you may be justified in your words and blameless in your judgment. The Holy Bible, Ephesians 4: It's in the Bible, I Peter 3: The first is that we must separate from the world's view on dating because God's way contradicts the world's 2 Peter 2: dating in the bible

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