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I met my partner, who's 29 years older than me, at a gig eight To my surprise, most of my friends were unfazed when we started dating. Dating someone older than you can teach you a lot about life. It can help you better understand what it's like to be a certain age, gain. There's a lot of stigma that comes with dating someone who's much older than you. [With] people who say “you're just with him for the money,” I. dating someone older than you

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12 STEP RECOVERY DATING SITES Bottom line is you may feel more comfortable being true to yourself with someone more mature. If I was ever going to date an older man, I thought to myself, it was probably this one. Since time is on his side and he is older, he has had time to realize what may dating someone older than you have been effective and ineffective in the bedroom. And this can feel very different versus dating someone your own age or younger. When my year-old boyfriend unceremoniously dumped me after having a threesome with two girls I knew well enough to say hello to in the street, I fell into a spiral of despair.

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That said, there are also some legitimate psychological reasons why younger women go for older men. I estimated that he was somewhere between 15 and 20 years older than me and closer in age to my newly single mum than to me. Open Communication — As you mature and get older, holding back your feelings, your point of view, and your perspective become less instinctive. That was when I met Alan obviously not his real name. It can include past marriage s , relationships, kids, grandkids, etc. There is less judgment of who you are — One of the things that can be refreshing about dating someone more mature is that they have learned to have self-acceptance. If Dating someone older than you was ever going to date an older man, I thought to myself, it was probably this one. You will also need to have clear parameters and communication with one another of what to expect for one another as far as their relationships with ex-wives, dating someone older than you, kids, etc. You go through ups and downs and you learn to navigate through various obstacles to move forward. But, generally, if you are dating someone older, they should be more stable. But, there is a bunch of other stuff to consider too. I was pretty hostile to the idea.

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