neil patrick harris dating

David Michael Burtka (born May 29, ) is an American actor and professional chef. About the Baby. After his role on How I Met Your Mother, Burtka gained media attention for dating Neil Patrick Harris, whom he later married in They have been dating since April and living together since They split their time between Studio City, CA and New York, NY. Burtka has twin children. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka first met in Here's a Burtka broke up with his boyfriend after they started hanging out as friends. neil patrick harris dating Now I think more before I speak. I thought he wanted neil patrick harris dating get some booze or something. In New York, I was able to date with my head held higher. I tend to weigh options before making decisions, and David is the polar opposite of that. Six months after Burtka's first How I Met Your Mother appearance, allegations arose that the actor had received the part because of a romantic relationship with one of the show's stars, actor Neil Patrick Harris.

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