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For a show with as many couples as Pretty Little Liars, they couldn't all be as the Liars dated person after person, causing drama after drama. So, who is the latest A-List power couple? Well, Cara Delevingne and "Pretty Little Liars" star Ashley Benson are reportedly dating, according to. Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson gave clear public confirmation they're dating this morning, when the model and Pretty Little Liars star.

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Things got even messier later on, when Wren got romantically involved with both Hanna and Spencer's secret, evil twin, Alex Drake. Mike was Aria's younger brother, so most of the Liars just felt uncomfortable about the whole thing, leading to a romance that always felt like its days were numbered. While Troian Bellisario and Julian Morris had incredible chemistry, this couple combined two hallmarks of several negative relationships on Pretty Little Liars-- an adult dating a teenager and betrayal. While their romance may have hit some bumps in the road ill-planned spinoffs, certain friends named Spencer , fans always expected Hanna and Caleb to figure it out in the end. Let us know in the comments! Ella Montgomery fell into this trap when she went out with Zack, and later became engaged. Couples won't just be graded on how well they were received in the moment though that is definitely a factorbut also how fans look back on them with the benefit of hindsight. Aria met Jake, a martial arts instructor, in the fourth season, and there was an immediate attraction between them. Chief among those was the coupling of Aria and Ezra, the tempestuous relationship that dominated much of the show's seven seasons. Noel was as evil and manipulative as Jenna was, and watching the two characters scheme together was just fun. We shouldn't have pretty little liars dating explain to you why a grown man dating his own young student is wrong, and the show's insistence that this was a good and true love felt downright creepy. To get fans interested in the new show, a character from the original, Caleb Rivers, pretty little liars dating, was transported over to the other town.

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This couple may not have lasted, but it gave the last season just the kick it needed. It's not like every relationship on the show was bad-- it could hardly have become one of the most-tweeted shows ever without some genuine love from the fans. Aria met Jake, a martial arts instructor, in the fourth season, and there was an immediate attraction between them. She says that she eventually developed genuine feelings for Mike, but any relationship started on deception isn't built to last. Hanna and Caleb had been one of the most central couples of the whole show, and fans were shocked when they broke up during the timeskip.

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