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Find your perfect partner with a Star Trek themed dating website. Log in, search for your perfect Trekkie and you might meet your Star Trek soul. If you're looking for a date to take to Star Trek Into Darkness, these Star Trek dating sites could help you find your like-minded match. Star Trek Dating community. Top Rated. View all · View all · View all · Terms of use | Privacy policy | Contact Us | Disclaimer. © Copyright Star Trek Dating.

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The site is also international. Just remember to be yourself, and not an android who tries to woo with bad jokes and stories about your cat. Perhaps showing off your knowledge of obscure "Star Trek" trivia is enough, or better yet, comparing collections of memorabilia could impress your date. Sexy Star Trek members are waiting for you to share there interests and connect! Because the site is for science fiction fans, it also welcomes Star Wars lovers. Vulcan salute image via iStockphoto , stocksnapper. star trek dating

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