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Michael B. Jordan just admitted to befriending a female fan or two via the year-old actor also discussed his dating life, admitting that he. (27 April - present) (2 children) He proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto, on Christmas , and they were married on. NBA legend Michael Jordan's DAUGHTER has a new BF and he's a basketball SUPERSTAR just like her dad.

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First Look: Michael B. Jordan's Number One Rule for Dating - Oprah's Next Chapter - OWN It's vacation, it's life. This reference to women will not come out of my mouth publicly or in private again. Jordan finally explained his controversial comments about dating and Black culture in a new interview with GQ. Dating may not be one of 'em. Rumors have long swirled about him not being attracted to Black women, and to some fans, this proved he preferred white women to Black women. As Blavity reported at the time, who is michael jordan dating, Jordan jumped on Instagram Live to discuss the images of him with the non-Black women.

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It is frustrating to see a false claim stirred up on social media which has caused my supporters to question where I stand on this crucial issue. First and foremost, I believe that Black Lives Matter — unequivocally and without exception. This is especially true of Black women, who as a group have supported my work long before the industry knew my name. But in addition to those wonderful roles, I also want to have the option to play all kinds of parts with no door closed to actors and actresses like myself. Then it just turned into this whole other thing that it wasn't. He's earned that reveal. I have been a professional actor for most of my life, but being regarded as a leading man is new to me and has taken some getting used to. who is michael jordan dating

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